streamline stream‧line [ˈstriːmlaɪn] verb [transitive]
to make something such as a business or organization work more simply and effectively:

• Much has been done to streamline the production process.

• The organization has been streamlined to reduce bureaucracy.

• Over 250 jobs were cut in a streamlining operation.

— streamlined adjective :

• a streamlined accounting system

* * *

streamlined UK US /ˈstriːmlaɪnd/ adjective
MANAGEMENT a streamlined business, process, activity, etc. has been made simpler and more effective by reducing costs, the number of people involved in it, etc.: »

Thanks to new technologies, manufacturing has become more flexible, streamlined, and efficient, and has resulted in a higher quality of product.


Our streamlined approach has kept our costs between 20% and 25% lower than those of our competitors.


streamlined operations/procedures/processes


a streamlined structure/system

a streamlined design or product has a smooth, attractive shape: »

Our latest model has been revamped to give it a more modern, streamlined look.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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